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Main » 2013 » December » 20 » About Mega color eyelashes on TSR
About Mega color eyelashes on TSR

So I decided to add them  on TSR with 4 new variants: glass, 2colors gradient, 3 colors gradient and version without long eyelashes on the bottom.

Here I will write about slider version. If your sim have so different eyes with Eyelids and Eyeform sliders you can download version with sliders.

What's differency? Differency is in renumbered meshes and created for this renumbered mesh custom GEOM-based sliders and in number of polycounts. 

Slider version of eyelashes have 11k polycounts, TSR version without sliders adopted for low poly and not so good computers and have 3,2k polycounts.

Created sliders are only for LOD0(Very high).

First of all I need to say that slider version eyelashes conflict with Eyeball Awt's sliders and mesh, so if you have this mod you can not use my slider version because you eye will be deformed because they(Awt's Eyeball mesh and my renumbered eyelashes) have the same numbers of IDs in mesh. If you want to use slider version of eyelashes so much, you need to delete eyeball's mod from game for a time of using slider version eyelashes in game. 

If you have S-club's eyelashes with all sliders, you need to put their sliders into base position, because their sliders a bit deform a part of my eyelashes. 

Here are the base postions of S-club's and my sliders:

What sliders can do:

Slider version is in Armband category(Accessories) and don't change the version with sliders you can have both variants in game...

Download sliders separate(Package)

Download Eyelashes adopted for sliders separate(Sims3pack)

If you don't have theses problems and your sims have normal eyes( just test no slider version and you will understand if you need slider version or not)( not so different and modified with eyelid and Eyeform sliders) you can download version without sliders and conflicts with all mods. Remember Eyelashes Slider version have 11k polycounts in Very High lod, 5k polycounts in High lod and , if you have slow computer, 1k polycounts in Low lod,don't overload your computer so much and download TSR no slider version!

Download no slider version from TSR

No slider versionSlider version
of polycounts
VH - 3200
H - 1200
M - 800
VH - 11000
H - 5000
M - 2500
Available for slidersOnly for Main eye sliders( not available for Eyelid and Eyeform)Available for Main and 19 custom sliders for them
ConflictsNowith Awt's Eyeball sliders,put S-clubs eyelashes sliders to base position

If you have some questions or problems, please write in comments

Do not reupload my work to any fileshare or site!Post new only with link to my site!

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